The Grand Toy Factory serves to make everyone’s toy shopping experience a little easier. With the Christmas Holiday fast approaching we have compiled a list of toys that are guaranteed to be the hottest toys on the market. If your child wants it then I am sure that we offer it. We have reviews listed on our site that will help educate consumers on any of the concerns that they may have about their purchases. We here at the Grand Toy Factory want our customers to know that we serve to provide them products of the utmost integrity and that they can rest assured that their best interests are our best interests. We use Amazon.com for all transactions because they are one of the most trusted online vendors and trust is important to us. Please take a moment and read the reviews. They are real reviews by real people who have already purchased the products. Have fun perusing our toy lists and reviews and thanks for visiting the GrandToyFactory.com.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to make buying toys easy and informed and of course the happiness of every child is of the utmost importance.

First off, welcome to the site! We are going to be reviewing a ton of toys for your every need. Whether it’s Christmas time or birthdays or anything in between, you will find the most popular toys reviewed here by our reviewers. We are not one of those sites that just copy reviews and paste them then claim them as our own. All our reviews are 100% unique and written explicitly for this site. If you find our reviews on other sites, then let us know as someone has stolen them.
Review Requests

If you would like us to review any toy out there, just use the “contact” link above and send us an email. We will do our best to add any toy you want reviewed to this site as quickly as possible. We want to be the go to site for all your toy review needs and if we don’t have the toy you want to see here, we need to know. So send us a quick email and make sure you include a link to the toy you want reviewed. That way we can make sure we’re doing the right one.
What’s Hot In Toys?

We will only show you the best selling toys here. So to answer the question, any toy on this site is hot. Whether you’re looking for GI Joe, Ben 10, Barbie, the lastest puzzle game or anything in between, if it’s hot you’ll find it here. Again if we have missed one or two, then do please send us an email and let us know!
Tell Your Friends About Us

If you want to do us a huge favor, you can. Just tell your friends about this site! We can use all the traffic we can get. The more traffic we get, the more reviews we can do for you. So it’s only beneficial to let your friends and family members know about us. So send them an email and tell them about this great new toy site you found now!

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