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Rankings | College Rankings

Here we’ve put together useful information and links for you.

Starting with the top 10 Rankings of 2011… *drumroll* ….

(There are ties for 5th, 7th, and a 3way for 9th)

Top 10 National Universities

1. Harvard University

2. Princeton University

3. Yale University

4. Columbia University

5. (tie) Stanford University

5. (tie) University of Pennsylvania

7. (tie) California Institute of Technology

7. (tie) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9. (tie) Dartmouth College

9. (tie) Duke University

9. (tie) University of Chicago

Best Colleges Rankings 2011 – Here are the national university ranks of the top 200+

Find The Best College For You – You can narrow down colleges specifically to your taste.

Princeton Review put out a less honorable review of some colleges as well.

* Top Party School: University of Georgia
* Stone Cold Sober School: Brigham Young University
* Happiest Students: Brown Univeristy
* Professors Get High Marks: Reed College
* Most Beautiful Campus: Sewanee
* Best Campus Food: Bowdoin College
* Dorms Like Palaces: Bryn Mawr College
* Great College Town: Columbia University
* Best Athletic Facilities: University of Maryland
* Best College Newspaper: Yale University
* Reefer Madness: University of California – Santa Cruz
* Least Happy Students: Fisk University
* Professors Get Low Marks: University of Illinois
* Least Beautiful Campus: New Jersey Institute of Technology
* Dorms Like Dungeons: Tuskegree University
* Long Lines and Red Tape: SUNY Purchase

Here are some top 100′s off US News as well.

Highest Acceptance Rate (Plenty of 100%-ers)

Lowest Accept Rate (As low as 6%)

Highest Graduation Rate (4 yr grad rates as high as 93%!)

Most Students Living On Campus (Meet plenty of classmates)

Most Students Living OFF Campus (Or stay away from crazy kids)

Most Students Over 25 Years Old (Find people in your age group of 25+)

Most Students In A Sorority (Sorority rates as high as 100%)

Most Students In A Fraternity (Unsurprisingly similar to sorority rates)

Most Students Receiving Merit Aid (Non-need money for you)

Most Transfers (2nd thoughts)

Most International Studies (Studying abroad)

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